U3A Poetry Friday 11 March 2022

Keith & Christine Hayward
01252-514421 0776-295-0000

Introduction David P


Item-2 Jerry C & John B

Item-3 Joyce W

Item-4 Chris S

Item-5 Heather K & Jerry C

Item-6 Marion P

Item-7 Gillian L

Item-8 Christine H

Item-9 Pat S

Item-10 David L

Item-11 Liz & Eileen

Item-12 David L

Item-13 Pat Neal

Item-14 Pat H

Item-15 John S

Item-16 Marion Y & Marion P

Item-17 Christine H


Item-18 Christine H, John

Item-19 Monica C

Item-20 Jim T

Item-21 Chris S

Item-22 Heather K, Neil H

Item-23 Jerry C

Item-24 Pam H

Item-25 John B, Neil H

Item-26 Marion Y

Item-27 Heather K

Item-28 John E

Item-29 Walter, Liz N, David

Item-30 David P, Christine H (I missed the beginning of it)

Item-31 End (I forgot to turn the camcorder off at the end!)